Tuesday, November 6

Beliebers, haters... Who's more powerful?

I've been having this one kind of urge to blog about something. It's not really an interesting topic to be posted but I still wanna arise up this issue in order to enlighten these narrow-minded people around me. Well, I ain't a Belieber and I believe I'm not gonna be one of them. Also, I'm not their and their idol's hater. I'm neutral towards them both. Personally I do think Justin Bieber's musics are good and enjoyable. It gives you this kind of addiction when you're listening to his songs. He made a phenomena and a world revolution for his good looks and crazily talented self.

He's an innovative guy, just so for you to know. Which can be seen in one of his latest single that is Beauty And A Beat. He directed the music video by his own with the help of his crews. At the age of eighteen, and as young as he is, I think that's an excellent job. You give me the names of young talents who's able to do so like what Justin did. He has over 28 millions of fans, and they call themselves as Beliebers. I ain't surprise that this fanbase has a wide circle because they're really like a family. They accepts Justin's flaws and imperfections. They never complained about his mistakes, because they're aware of Justin is just another humankind, not a emotionless robot.

What bothers me, is the haters. I know it's your rights to have a say and to voice out your own point of view. Your opinion about Justin will be acceptable if you're saying it in a proper way which satisfy both sides, you and the Beliebers. Use your right of thinking before your right of having a say. I don't mind people giving opinions; but do it properly. Properly in this matter means don't offend those who supports Justin. And if you still do so, don't call Beliebers as cyber-bullies when they attacks you back. Just so if you never heard of this one, it's call equity. Both parties had gotten what they want by putting hates on each other.

That's one thing.

Another one is, yourself Beliebers. I know you're madly in love with your idol and will never let anybody to hurt him. But sometimes, it's better to just accept. Accept the fact that; you can't make every single body in the world to like your idol. I'm really sorry to say this but you guys seem so desperate that we can't even criticize Justin's work. He worked hard, yes he did, but he himself can't satisfy us too. You criticize other people's idol and you should give them a little space to do the same to yours. The fact that you guys are overly attached and being too obsessed with Justin, which I can't deny irritates other people.

Therefore, based on what I observed, I'd like to suggest a way to solve this. This is for the least I can do to make Beliebers and their haters will stop being immature. 

Well, I think, these both sides ought to give spaces to one another to criticize. Besides, that's what humans do. We work hard, and people judge. Negative or positive judgments that you'll receive, put that aside. That's gonna be a less important issue. What you must prioritize is others' rights. You both parties should give and take respect from each other. Beliebers, you can stay supporting your idol until at the end of the time by not being overly attached and being a cyber-bully. Haters, you may take your right to judge and criticize by making it in a polite way in order to not hurt the Beliebers.

As I said earlier, I'm neutral. I'm not on anybody's side. I'm just saying this in order to make things better. Justin Bieber is still a human, so do we. If that case, then why shouldn't we stop putting hate on him? He worked so hard for his family and fans. We should be appreciative and cherish what he had done.