Monday, November 5

A new beginning

Assalamualaikum. It's good to get to write again. It's good to finally get here and describe my thoughts in words, again. I've never been writing a word for almost four months... or five? I ain't sure. 

Last night I was visiting some blogs. From one to another, I realized I need to start writing again. Because this is the only way I do the best to spend a quality time with myself. I'm not good at giving expressions, whilst I'm good at writing it, describing it. I realized my blog was the only tool I find helpful when there's nobody I could turn to. I do have friends, and even a boyfriend, but they only can hear. They can't actually understand. They can't fully feel in depth what I desire, what I feel. I'm hard and complicated. Sometimes it's not even myself could really understand me. So, I avoid telling people. I avoid talking regarding on this matter.

Enough with my ridiculous self. 

How have you been progressing, everybody?

Alright honestly, in this first post after four to five months of not writing any single tiny thing, I feel creepily awkward. I'll write again in time to come. Farewell, adios.